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Choose to Challenge

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Choose to Challenge.” The Women’s Symposium of Southern California has taken on that challenge. We believe we can help call out gender bias and inequity and make a difference. We choose the Friday closest to International Women’s Day (March 5th this year) to hold a symposium that celebrates females diversity not only in Southern California but virtually around the world.

Our theme this year is Focused. Flexible. Purposeful We have Keynote Speakers, including Jen Auerbach-Rodriguez, and Anna Oakes.

We have industry leaders in Finance, like Evelyn Zohlen, who will be our emcee. We have CEOs, nutritionists, attorneys, podcast hosts, creatives, mentors, insurance specialists, coaches, real estate specialists, and more who will be leading break-out sessions. There is room at a table for you.

Register online and #ChoosetoChallenge for yourself!

Just some of the people behind the scenes that are taking the challenge #IWD2021 #wssc #wsscsocal

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