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The Women's Symposium of Southern California (WSSC) is a new nonprofit that needs monetary support now to help us exist and continue to grow and improve the lives of all women in Southern California.  We are continuing to collect contributions to our cause year-round.

WSSC hopes someday to look beyond laws on gender equality, politics, and funding and imagine a utopian system of learning and career development. We are a community of women supporting each other through every step of her career and domestic journey. Whether she’s transitioning to a new career, just entering a new field, or is a seasoned vet with all the grandmotherly experience, our symposium will allow for a forum where all of these women can convene to share their stories and learn from each other.

By supporting WSSC, not only will attendees get hands-on knowledge, they will be able to access a multitude of other resources, programming and networking to enhance the learning experience.

In addition, we have chosen to support three nonprofit groups should we raise more funds than it costs to cover the 2019 WSSC symposium event at the Marriott, Long Beach CA. Proceeds will be donated to the United Nations for UN Women, Soroptimist International, Long Beach Chapter, and the Precious Life Shelter, a non-denominational battered women’s shelter that specifically helps pregnant women.

If you would like to contribute to our cause, a suggested contribution amount is $35, $50, or $100 per program participant. Please do not hesitate to click on the word donate at the bottom of this page OR this paragraph. Remember every dollar will make a significant difference in helping Women’s Symposium of Southern California exist, as well as support three other women centered non-profits that take action to help other women.  Thank you for your consideration to Contribute to our cause and mission

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