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List of Resources:
  1. Calvert Investments- Women & Investing
  2. Vanguard Investments- Investing
  3. WSSC 2017 Event marketing Flyer
  4. Gender Bias Article
  5. Alliance Life Insurance Company- Divorced & Widowed checklists
  6. The Five O’Clock Club- Empowering Exercise
  7. Janus Investments
  8. JP Morgan –guide to retirement & investing
  9. MNJ Insurance Solutions- Small Employers and HRAs & reviewing Employee Benefits
  10. One Financial – Home mortgage and Refinance Information (Karla Mara) word doc
  11. Zach Investments- Investing
  1. Alliance Life Insurance Company- Retirement , & Women, Money & Power Survey
  2. Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services- Retirement Toolkit , Savings fitness
  3. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services- My Future Planner worksheet
  4. Second Saturday- Common Divorce Pitfalls
  5. AAUW- The Simple Trust about Gender Pay Gap
  6. Wells Fargo Investment Institute- Women & Investing

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Additional General Financial Planning Resources:

Deciding to Retire
Women of Influence


Networking like a man isn’t enough to help women get ahead, study finds-The Washington Post

Female job-seekers with close ties to an inner circle of other women are more likely to reach high-ranking leadership positions, according to a new study.

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