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Engagement for Change:
Empower Web Mentorship Program

Whether you decide to take on a Mentor, become a Mentor (or both!) we invite you to participate to help create more empowerment in women's lives, creating a positive ripple effect by impacting businesses, schools, families and other networks that help our community thrive!

What does empowerment & self-care mean to you?

Success is a team sport and ALL successful people have had mentors in their lives who’ve helped them at various stages. The Women’s Symposium of Southern California (WSSC) realizes the significance that mentorship has in all aspects of our lives, and has created the WSSC Empower Web Mentorship Program, designed to create opportunities for real conversations, guidance, and growth on topics including: 

  • Professional success

  • Financial literacy

  • Life and family balance

  • Meaningful careers in STEAM

  • Leadership

  • Transition and self-employment

The WSSC encompasses a community of volunteers with professional backgrounds from the public, private, and non-profit sector, who are coming together to deliver the WSSC Mentorship Program, The Empower Web! 

By matching the WSSC volunteer mentors with women seeking to learn and grow, Empower Web helps women across Southern California leverage the opportunities around them while creating more momentum, success, and balance through mentor-up and peer-to-peer opportunities.

Program Details:
  • Cost:  $25.00 per person on the PushFar mentoring platform

  • Mobile app is available and included in registration

  • All are invited to participate: topics and mentoring themes will be specific to all women 18 years+ in all stages of life (newly graduated, new career, widowed, new marriage, new mom, divorce, etc.), and at all stages of career path or exploration

  • Guest speakers and leaders to share on successes and best practices

  • Scholarships are available and will depend on mentor capacity. To join waitlist please email: 

Match your interest in women’s empowerment with The Empower Web program’s flexible schedule. Your time commitment is crucial to achieve real impact. 

Time commitment & structure:
  • 1-Hour Guided Kick-Off Open Forum for Empower Web Mentors and Mentees Meeting (recommended: virtual using the Hopin software)

  • Flexible 3-Month commitment: 1-Hour a month Face-to-Face or Virtually using PushFar software (*required)

  • 1-5 minute weekly mentor/mentee check-ins either via phone, text, email (*strongly recommended)

  • 1-Hour Guided Closing Forum for Empower Web participants to evaluate program success (recommended: virtual using the Hopin software)

Some features that distinguish the our program:
  • 100% volunteer and pro-bono professional-operated 

  • 100% of sponsors and community partners are participating in mentorship 

  • Mentorships which can help you identify the skills and expertise you need to succeed

Peer-to-peer mentoring relationship are mutual, with each person being both the mentor to and mentee of the other person. Mentor-up relationships can also be one way only, although an individual may have his or her own mentor while also acting as a mentor for others at the same time.

Benefits of Being a Mentor:
  • Build your leadership skills

  • Gain personal satisfaction 

  • Improve your communication skills 

  • Learn new perspectives 

  • Advance your career

Benefits of Having a Mentor:
  • Gain valuable advice

  • Develop your knowledge and skills 

  • Learn new perspectives 

  • Build your network 

  • Advance your career

Interested in signing up? Please share your information below so we may contact you!
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