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2023 WWS Purple Diamond Award

Nomination period is open.
Awardees will be invited to the annual Women’s Symposium of Southern California event held on March 3, 2023

Strengthening the lives of all women matters. Established in 2019, The Purple Diamond Award is given by the WWS Advisory Board to a qualified individual in recognition of their service to their community and to the WSSC mission.

Inductee of Purple Diamond Award must meet these requirements:
o Significant achievement in the areas of empowering and educating women
o Impact women's lives
o Active involvement in women's activities in the community
o Demonstrate leadership involving positive change for women

Recipients of the Purple Diamond award must also meet these requirements:

Profession: award is intended to honor the achievement and service of a specific women from a variety of professional or service fields. Careful consideration will be given to all women.

•Influence: The influence that an individual has through her involvements is a priority consideration for this award. Generally, candidates will have demonstrated the ability to influence society, having reflected values of WSSC excellence and community investment.

•Character and Reputation: Candidates for the award possess a reputation for good character; Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, Authenticity, Responsibility, Courage, Generosity & Optimism

•Achievement: Individual achievements and professional influence are given careful attention, having made such accomplishments while maintaining a gender parity perspective in life. This includes academic achievement, professional positions, charitable contributions, board service and other forms
of leadership.  


Nominee information to be collected by website.  Please complete form below:

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