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Registration now open for our 7th Annual Women's Symposium on March 3rd, 2023


Welcome to our Women’s Symposium of Southern California (WSSC) website.   We realize that some women need help achieving financial literacy.  We hope to empower you by providing the basics and elements of a sound financial plan.  We also realize that information is power that leads to a more confident you.  The more resources you have at your disposal, the better equipped you are to shine in all you do.

Live Your Dreams through Financial Literacy.

The Women’s Symposium of Southern California is an advocate of financial empowerment & STEAM awareness for all in Southern California. This is a historic time in history for women.  A time to celebrate the advancements of Women in Southern California and around the world


 WSSC is a grassroots non-profit 501 (c) 3 public charity.  Our mission and founding principles are to help women achieve financial literacy; enhance their self-confidence and improve their quality of life through every day knowledge, best practices, and STEAM education.

Since 2021, our Women's Symposium programs have reached global audiences. Volunteers were FOCUSED. FLEXIBLE. PURPOSEFUL. after our 5th Annual event and wanted to drop the "Southern California" part, and be known as WSSC- Women's Symposium. 

WSSC provides a forum for educators, financial professionals, and STEAM professionals to deliver knowledge and resources to the community.  We bring the expertise and success stories of competent and motivational professionals from all fields and careers together in a symposium format at an annual event held on the Friday afternoon near International Women’s Day (IWD) which is March 8th annually.


The Symposium is a lively and safe environment to share experiences, discover new ways to do things and capture your inner authentic self to conquer your fears and claim your seat at the table (whatever the table is for you).

What does International Women’s Day mean to WSSC?  It reminds us how important it is for women to support one another in all realms of life and to work together to improve gender parity.  WSSC encourages all women – pioneers, nurturers, philanthropists - to embrace all that it means to be female in todays’ world and pursue your goals.

The Founder and current Executive Director is Marah Fineberg-Kuck, CFP.  Marah has 20 years’ experience working directly with business and money managers on Wall Street. She has been featured in Fortune Magazine OCT./NOV. 2020 & 2021, and recognized as a Five Star Wealth Manager Since 2012 for being top of her field. Historically a male dominated investment & financial arena, her experiences sparked Marah to recognize the need for an organized local annual Women’s Symposium event to help educate and empower women about their own personal finances.  She further realized that women didn’t know where to seek these resources. She initiated a meeting several years ago to bring the resources to a group of women creating the impetus for the organization that exists today.

Marah’s philosophy is to further the agenda of gender equality and STEAM Career education to the table. Collaboration, leadership, and encouragement to bring critical issues forward through positive conversation, encouraging all to participate fuels change. Marah believes  “There is a need for essential topics to be discussed today. Women are stronger and more modern than ever yet they have an uncomfortable relationship with money, financial planning, investing, science & technology.” 

Strengthening the lives of all women matters.  Our goal to further acknowledge women in our community who go over and above to give back of their talents and themselves is achieved annually at this event.


The Purple Diamond Award, honors a qualified exceptional individual in recognition of her service to the community and to the Women's Symposium mission. We recognize there are many individuals who work tirelessly to significantly and positively impact Women’s lives that often go unnoticed.   We hope to help reveal these mentors and leaders in our businesses and communities who will provide the next generation role models.


All WSSC program participants are volunteers.  Program participants are recruited based on their credentials and history and hand-selected by the WSSC Program Committee to ensure WSSC attendees have a fabulous experience and walk away motivated and armed with actionable tools to change their lives. 


For more insight into how the WSSC organization was founded and formed, see Marah’s personal accounting of the journey.




Networking like a man isn’t enough to help women get ahead, study finds-The Washington Post

Female job-seekers with close ties to an inner circle of other women are more likely to reach high-ranking leadership positions, according to a new study.



The Women's Symposium of Southern California (WSSC) is a new nonprofit that needs monetary support now to help us exist and continue to grow and improve the lives of all women in Southern California.  We are continuing to collect contributions to our cause year-round.  

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